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Madosha Circyte
Name: Circyte (Seer-site)
Alias: N/A
Position/Rank: General
Duties: Warrior, recruiter
Age (in Earth years): 18
Birth Date: unknown
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: unknown
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Taunting enemies
Life Goals: Helping her "Dark Master" succeed
Fav. Color: Black
Physical Appearance: Circyte is a extremely beautiful, slender, young woman. She has medium-length, wet look-style hair & sinister, red eyes.
She wears a sleeveless, Chinese-style dress; a red sash and black, fingerless, forearm-length gloves. Circyte also carries a 4-foot long staff with
a deep-red, ten-sided crystal mounted on it. She is rarely without it.
Body: 5                HP: 50
Mind: 8                EP: 105
Soul: 5                ACV/
:iconmasao114:Masao114 1 0
Youma Profile: Jokaa
Name: Jokaa (ジョーカー)
Type: Strong Servant
Master: Ikarya
Appearance: Jokaa is a 5 foot six female, humanoid youma dressed in a harlequin-style outfit.She has snow-white skin, black lips & solid red eyes with black diamonds around them. Her outfit consists of a black jester's cap with 2 long peaks coming off the sides; a black, sleeveless bodysuit with a diamond-shaped opening at the midriff & black, fingerless gloves with white frills at the wrists. Jokaa also carries black, magic wand-like cane. It's 3 feet in length & has a white band, decorated with ornate playing card suits, around the top.
Armored Skin: Jokaa possesses skin that is immune to attacks from non-magical means.
Limited Shapeshifting: Jokaa is able to assume any human form.
Dark Magic: Jokaa's access to Dark Magic gives her a number of abilities including, but not limited to: Levitation, Illusion Creation, Metamorphosis, by touch, Telekinesis
& tw
:iconmasao114:Masao114 0 0
Youma Profile: Doukeko
Name: Doukeko (道化子, "buffoonery child")
Master: Tourmaline
Appearance: Doukeko is a 5'2", female youma in the guise a of a young, human clown. She wears an outfit resembling a adult-sized version of Chibi Usa's school uniform, but checkered in bright, clowny colors & a jester's cap-style hood a` la Harley Quin , also checkered in bright colors. She has curly, magenta hair, that sticks out from the face hole in her cap; snow-white skin & white, pupiless eyes with black, makeup-like markings under them.
Limited Shapeshifting: Can assume any human form, but prefers that of a clown.
"Fool's Touch": Doukeko can simultaneously drain a target's willpower & change their appearance by channeling dark magic into her hands, making them spark with said magic, & merely touching a victim. The effects can only be undone by destroying the youma who inflicted them.
Juggling Balls: She can also generate & throw or shoot projectile
:iconmasao114:Masao114 1 3
Youma Profile : Hana Hebi
Name: Hana Hebi (花蛇;"Flower snake")
Appearance: Hana hebi is an odd mix of humanoid & plant. From the waist up, she has a human torso & head w/ green skin; pointed ears; indigo hair & hollow, black eyes with indigo irises.
However, instead of legs, she has large, black rose petals grow out of her waist & a long, serpentine tail resembling a a thick vine, covered with intermittent, thorn-like spikes.
Strategy: Although she can engage in melee combat, Hana Hebi prefers to fight at a distance, using her pollen clouds & thorns.
Flight (without wings)
Thorn projectiles: Hana Hebi can fire thorns from both her hands, as well as their position on her "tail", inflicting moderate damage on her targets.
Pollen Cloud: She can release moderate-sized clouds of sleep-inducing pollen from the petals growing from her waist. These clouds are potent enough to put 2-5 people in a deep sleep at once.
Phyllokinesis: Hana H
:iconmasao114:Masao114 3 0
Name: Xenosyte ゼノテナイト
Earth Alias: None
Position or Rank: Kurokuu general, warrior/assassin
Duties: Gathering Youma forces
Abe: 19
Birthdate: unknown
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: unknown
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: None
Life Goals: Destruction of the Starlights and anyone close to them
Favorite Color(s): Gray, Black & Blood Red
Favorite Food: unknown
Least Favorite Food: unknown
Source of Power: the Ansuishou ("darkness crystal")                              
Personal Philosophy: "Most individuals are just tools to be used, then disposed of."                    Body: 7                                           
Strengths: Deception, Corruption, Combat Strategy      
:iconmasao114:Masao114 2 0
Youma profile: Jakanjou
Youma Lv.: Strong
Master: Xenosyte
Name: Jakanjou  (邪感情, "evil emotion")  
Body: 3                        HP: 50
Mind: 6                        EP: 50
Soul: 6                        ACV/DCV: 6/9
            Damage: Variable
Physical Appearance: 6ft tall humanoid w/long, wavy, light-pink hair; slender, malicious, red eyes and grey skin. She wears a black halter top; a black, pleated, wrap-around skirt and black, red-trimmed boots. Jakanjou also carries a black flute w/ ornate, red trim with her at all times.
Points of Interest: 
- Jakanjou requires her flute to utilize her Emotional Control & Paralysis abilities.
- Jakanjou has demonstrated high-leve
:iconmasao114:Masao114 1 0
A letter to Sensei Aoi
I know the armor I've been wearing while monster hunting hasn't been ninja-esque...
Hopefully, this will be more to your liking:
Forever your loyal student,
:iconmasao114:Masao114 2 0
Showing off: Wyvern Blade 'Beryl'

After a bit more farming & gathering, I finally got the remaining items needed for the Astalos Long Sword: Wyvern Blade "Beryl".
Now, I can finally move on to new monsters. YUS! :)
:iconmasao114:Masao114 1 0
Just an issue I have....
You'd think a well-respected & highly-recommended website like Kiranico would have accurate weapon pics, right?
However, here's their page on the Charge Blade called 'Guardian Blade':
& here's an actual in-game screenshot:

The "sword" in-game looks nothing like the Kiranico pic.
C'mon, Kiranico. Get it right. -_-
:iconmasao114:Masao114 2 0
Mature content
4-star Village Key quest: Thunderclaw Wyvern :iconmasao114:Masao114 1 0
Full Lagi set and CB by Masao114 Full Lagi set and CB :iconmasao114:Masao114 2 0
2-Star Urgent Guild Quest: The New Tenant

Off to hunt Blangonga & earn HR2
CRAP!! Forgot to equip Hunter arts again, + I forgot TO EAT!
welp, this'll be fun.

& finally Done! HR2 acheived!
:iconmasao114:Masao114 1 0
1-star Guild Quest: Tackling The Tetsucabra by Masao114 1-star Guild Quest: Tackling The Tetsucabra :iconmasao114:Masao114 1 0
Lagiacrus Hunt #5: Almost there

Out on my 5th Lagi hunt, this time in my Tetsucabra armor, as it's combined defense is only 2 less than the Rathian Set I've been wearing & it has no lightning weakness!
Also, I'm back to using the Aerial style. Figured I'd use the topples to get clear shots at his head. Wounding that would give me horns, which I need for the helm.

In his usual spot. Here we go!

& dead. Can't tell if I wounded his head or not. We'll see.
Did get in some good shots there, after using a Pitfall trap, though.
:iconmasao114:Masao114 0 0
Lagiacrus Hunt #4: Getting Closer

Off on my 4th Lagiacrus Hunt & I just realized I forgot to switch back Aerial Style. 
Oh, well. Let's just see how this goes...

Right where he always is. Let's do this!

After multiple Thunderblight afflictions & stuns, as well as the palicoes failing/refusing to knock me out of said stuns, Lagi finally carts me. -_-
Stupid cats.

After all that BS, I finally kill Lagi. 
*sigh* I wonder how many armor pieces I'll get from his stuff?

Answer: 2, chest & boots, which you can see here.
Only head & waist to go. Yus!
:iconmasao114:Masao114 0 0
Lagiacrus Hunt #3: Back to farming

Gone back to farming Lagi, hopefully I'll get what I need to forge his Charge Blade.
Oh, fuck. I forgot to set hunter arts when I changed back to Long Sword! 
Well, this should be fun. -_-

Here he is! Already a bit into the fight.

& finally, dead. That was quite the chore w/o hunter arts.
:iconmasao114:Masao114 2 2


Demon Takeover - P18 - The Ultimate Robo! by Mistress-Gonzy Demon Takeover - P18 - The Ultimate Robo! :iconmistress-gonzy:Mistress-Gonzy 7 5 Badass by Azure-Art-Wave Badass :iconazure-art-wave:Azure-Art-Wave 12 0 [PART 4] My Little Sister, Amy: Page 8 by meowwithme [PART 4] My Little Sister, Amy: Page 8 :iconmeowwithme:meowwithme 10 5 Bendy and Boris iPad Sketches by TsaoShin Bendy and Boris iPad Sketches :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 284 29 Scribble Kibble Leap by CrownePrince Scribble Kibble Leap :iconcrowneprince:CrownePrince 43 2 Maddy and Mary War Paint by Mad--Munchkin Maddy and Mary War Paint :iconmad--munchkin:Mad--Munchkin 40 4 [pokemon] primarina-2 by kyodashiro
Mature content
[pokemon] primarina-2 :iconkyodashiro:kyodashiro 14 0
Apple Doesn't Want To Talk To You by jollyjack Apple Doesn't Want To Talk To You :iconjollyjack:jollyjack 149 53 ES: A(pple)ffection! 021 by EStories ES: A(pple)ffection! 021 :iconestories:EStories 78 25
Stop it !

Quin : Hehe ! Queen prefer me you know, i'm taller and sexy !
Sen : S-Stop sister ! Your too old for her and not a boy anymore ! 
Queen : Jeez...They never stop fighting ?! It's going to borred me...!

Both : Aaaaah~ !

Quin : Mistreeeeeeess~ Notice me ! Hug me !
Sen : Yay ! Mistress give me love ! Can I snuggle you ?
Queen : Aaaah ! This is going to never end ?!
:icontfgame:Tfgame 34 7
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