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Lagiacrus Hunt 5a by Masao114
Out on my 5th Lagi hunt, this time in my Tetsucabra armor, as it's combined defense is only 2 less than the Rathian Set I've been wearing & it has no lightning weakness!
Also, I'm back to using the Aerial style. Figured I'd use the topples to get clear shots at his head. Wounding that would give me horns, which I need for the helm.

Lagiacrus Hunt 5b by Masao114
In his usual spot. Here we go!

Lagiacrus Hunt 5c by Masao114
& dead. Can't tell if I wounded his head or not. We'll see.
Did get in some good shots there, after using a Pitfall trap, though.
Lagiacrus Hunt #5: Almost there
Got the horns I neede for the helm, just need 1 Dragonite Ore & I can have the helm forged.
2 more Shell Shockers (from wounding his back) & 1 more Dragonite Ore & I get get the waist armor. So close!

Weapon: Windeater LV2 (Long Sword)
Style: Aerial

Total Time: 20' 20"
Size: 2886 cm

update: Got the Dragonite ore I needed & made the helm. Now, for the waist armor, I need another horm + the shell shockers. -_-
Lagiacrus Hunt 4a by Masao114
Off on my 4th Lagiacrus Hunt & I just realized I forgot to switch back Aerial Style. 
Oh, well. Let's just see how this goes...

Lagiacrus Hunt 4b by Masao114
Right where he always is. Let's do this!

Lagiacrus Hunt 4c by Masao114
After multiple Thunderblight afflictions & stuns, as well as the palicoes failing/refusing to knock me out of said stuns, Lagi finally carts me. -_-
Stupid cats.

Lagiacrus Hunt 4d by Masao114
After all that BS, I finally kill Lagi. 
*sigh* I wonder how many armor pieces I'll get from his stuff?

Lagiacrus set so far1 by Masao114
Answer: 2, chest & boots, which you can see here.
Only head & waist to go. Yus!
Lagiacrus Hunt #4: Getting Closer
Almost finished w/ the Lagiacrus Armor set.

Weapon: Windeater LV2 (Long Sword)
Style: Striker

Total Time: 19'13"
size not given
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Lagiacrus Hunt 3a by Masao114
Gone back to farming Lagi, hopefully I'll get what I need to forge his Charge Blade.
Oh, fuck. I forgot to set hunter arts when I changed back to Long Sword! 
Well, this should be fun. -_-

Lagiacrus Hunt 3b by Masao114
Here he is! Already a bit into the fight.

Lagiacrus Hunt 3c by Masao114
& finally, dead. That was quite the chore w/o hunter arts.
Lagiacrus Hunt #3: Back to farming
Wasn't able to charge my sword at all. When going for my aerial Spirit Combo, I'd either miss or get screamed outta the air.
Was able to wound his back and get the parts I needed for the charge blade. Now, to farm for the armor. Joy. At least I already have the gloves made.

Weapon: Windeater Lv2 (Long Sword; Fire element)
Style: Aerial
Total Time: 28'07"
size not given


United States

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